LEICA S (Typ 006) | HC 3.2/150N | ISO 200 | f/3.2 | : 1/3’000sek.
Fabian Bösch from Engelberg has long wanted to build a kicker at home and reflect the panorama and beauty of the Swiss Alps to the world.
Around this time almost everything is closed with us in the central Switzerland, I mean in May nobody goes skiing with us any more. Fabian was able to collect snow through the winter in cooperation with the Titlis railways to organize a shooting after the season, which has never been done before.
At 3'020 m.a.s.l. Kobi Würsch, the Freestyle-Pak-Builder of SaasFee as well as of the Corvatsch course, built a kicker that was more than just a show-off. Perfect landing - "I've seldom seen such a long landing" - exactly aligned so that the sun disappears just before 9 pm directly into the Alps and an event where riders from all over the world were invited to spend a great session together.
The Titlis glacier was the Mecca this week and I was there spontaneously as a photographer. I had a lot to do during this time and could "only" participate in one day. But exactly this day was the best of the whole week and I took pictures throughout the day looking for my favorite spot.
From 20.00 the sunset shooting began and the boys banged out one hammer trick after the other. The light got better and better and I took pictures with 2 Leica Cameras. I had Studio-Broncolor flashes with me and wanted to take some flash pictures with the medium format camera with 1/1000 central shutter shortly before sunset. As it is, it gets more and more great and the atmosphere was really breathtaking.
So I went down and adjusted my flash, which was behind the kicker, but I hadn't thought about the small radio transmitter not triggering over such distances. So Fabian came and I knew, with that camera i got no series, there are only single shots. Click - No the Flash has not triggered...
Then everything went so fast and the sun was only about half an hour there and the riders now skimmed out their stylish tricks.
I let the flash completely away and continue photographing and let the silhouette speak the picture. This picture with the very special flare was taken after a run with the same camera but faster shutter speed and I am super proud that I decided against the flash. So the picture has a very nice dynamic and fits perfectly into the scene.
Thanks Fabian for making this shooting possible!
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